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Authentic Promotion
Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable about boldly promoting yourself? Most people have some hesitation and others feel downright terrified or repulsed by the subject of bold self- promotion. Well, imagine that you could change all that and have it be enjoyable and full of integrity!! In this one-day workshop on Authentic Promotion, we’ll show you how it can be easy, effective and inspiring for everyone involved.
Authentic Promotion

The Being of a Successful Entrepreneur
What's it like, really, to be an entrepreneur? Are your dreams based in reality, or in fantasy? Learn about both the joys and the challenges of being your own boss.
The Business Catalyst Institute

Bold Gets the Gold
Imagine your unique message being heard and received in seconds!  It’s completely possible to enroll clients immediately when you’re being authentically YOU. Leslie and Lee Glickstein, of Speaking Circles, have created a two-day exciting and powerful course for coaches, entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals who want to be highly effective in attracting people to them without “working hard” at it.
The Bold Gets the Gold

Claiming Your Niche I: Uncovering Possibilities
Webster defines a niche as "A position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it." It's time for you to start exploring your own niche possibilities! A well-defined niche provides you with greater focus and clarity on how to spend your energy, time, and money. This class will help unleash your creative, out-of-the-box thinking so you can recognize the dozens of niches that are at your fingertips right now.
The Business Catalyst Institute

Claiming Your Niche II: Informed Selection
Building upon the potential niches you uncovered in Niche I, this class will take you even further. The objective of the Niche series is to uncover and select a niche that fills you with delight, curiousity, and passion.
The Business Catalyst Institute

The Smart, Authentic Approach for Getting Clients I:
Building the Foundation

Provides you with the critical skill sets you'll need for effectively building your client base, without losing your authentic self.
The Business Catalyst Institute

The Smart, Authentic Approach for Getting Clients II:
Putting the Skills to Work

Building upon the foundational skills from the first course, we provide you with critical skill sets in the areas that tend to be the most challenging for entrepreneurs. We will give you practical tips which have been carefully crafted and honed over 20 years of working with entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.
The Business Catalyst Institute


"I can't thank you all enough for creating and facilitating such a great program. Your program, coupled with the participants' fearlessness in facing their lives, make for a powerful, hugely transformative tool to effect great change and improvement in people's lives."