The Art of Business
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The Art of Business Success:

Be You And Do Business Your Way!
Imagine bouncing out of bed everyday to the 'want tos' not the 'have tos'. Imagine your business being such a joy that you can barely remember the days when you felt it was a struggle. Imagine being sought after and prospering abundantly for who you are and what you do best. Imagine doing business your can when you know how.

You Can Be Out Of the Box While Standing On Solid Ground
Master coach, speaker and trainer Leslie Lupinsky combines 20 years of traditional and entrepreneurial business experience with a dynamic spirit that encourages possibility at every turn.
      "When you are an entrepreneur, you are by definition, 'out of the box'. There is a passion and spirit that drives you to define your life along your own terms. But sometimes you can get bogged down in the business of doing business. I have watched people suffer unnecessarily by thinking they have to do business like somebody else, according to some invisible, mythic rule book," says Leslie. "There is no such animal. You make up the rules. You design your business according to your talents and your preferences. Your talents and preferences, your gifts and values become the solid ground upon which you and your business stand. Like legs to a table, if you will. You decide what the legs to the table are. You can be 'out of the box' while standing on solid ground."

Imagine The Possibilities!
Leslie Lupinsky International assists entrepreneurs to succeed on their own terms by honoring who they really are. Her company is a network of strategic alliances with some of the best entrepreneurial minds and leading edge expertise in the business-including: Lee Glickstein and Speaking Circles International, Brad Stauffer, branding and marketing expert, Joni Mar with Design for Living and The Coaches Training Institute. Lupinsky comes by her entrepreneurial spirit honestly.
      "I learned early from my father who was a bold entrepreneur that you cannot allow yourself to die a slow death inside of a system that does not work for you. He struck out on his own and started a radio station and made it a huge success. I thrive on coaching and supporting clients/entrepreneurs to design businesses that draw on their unique strengths, that engage their talents fully, that inspire them to great heights while remaining grounded and anchored in the real world."

"Leslie Lupinsky's
impact on my
life has been
She worked with me
to achieve my dreams as an entrepreneur and now works with me while I consider what I want next."
--Brad Stauffer, former publisher of Choice Magazine.