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Coaching That Inspires You
To Have Your Visions Made Real

Leslie Lupinsky is a coaching professional who champions people toward fulfillment and authenticity in both their work and personal lives. She has been coaching for over 12 years.

Clients will find passionate, authentic and trusting mentors/coaches with a deep commitment to working with clients to achieve their big-life goals. Clients will be able to receive coaching and mentoring over the telephone or in person. They'll discover a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Understanding what they truly want in business and life
  • Achieving prosperity and peace with their finances
  • Experience transformation
  • Expanding their unique self-expression
  • Having their visions made real in the world

What is Coaching?
Experiencing transformation, peace and prosperity, clients can enjoy greater life fulfillment, success and a sense of accomplishment through coaching. Coaching is a co-active and dynamic process to help you achieve your goals and to live the life you truly want to live. By establishing an honest and supportive space between you and your coach, you are able to move faster toward your dreams. Professional coaches are trained through in-depth certification programs to best work with individuals and businesses to be proactive toward their goals and desires. Each coaching relationship is different and designed to specifically work for the client (you).

Coaching relationships usually begin with a desire to be coached and a referral to a professional coach. Most coaches offer a complimentary discovery session where they can "test the waters" of coaching and that specific working relationship.

How Does it Work?
Once you've experience a complimentary discovery session and decided to move forward in coaching, you and your coach will set up the initial in-take sessions. This 2 hour session review your overall goals, why you are coming to coaching and give you and your coach an opportunity to design the working relationship in a way that works for you and your coach. You also look together at what you want to create in all areas of your life. It is also important to know your current life circumstances, your values and your visions. You are provided with a customized coaching binder with materials to enhance the value of coaching. Then, an alliance is designed in such a way that empowers you to have your visions become a reality in the world. Unique methods of support are designed for your personality style and preferences. Once the 'design' sessions are complete (they sometimes extend beyond the initial session), the regular coaching sessions begin that allow your visions to be expanded and fulfilled.

Coaching sessions are usually 2-3 times a month at pre-agreed upon lengths and times.

Coaching allows people to reinvent themselves, explore new areas of their lives, and realize their own personal power. They will also be able to honor and count on themselves 100%. We believe that coaching is a true discovery process in which we empower our clients to look deep inside and create inspired and extraordinary lives for themselves. The result we are after is transformation.

"I really felt that Leslie brought out the best in me. Her care and support helped me make a complete shift in my beliefs."