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Have you ever felt a little uncomfortable about boldly promoting yourself?  Most people have some hesitation and others feel downright terrified or repulsed by the subject of bold self- promotion.  Well, imagine that you could change all that and have it be enjoyable and full of integrity!!  In this workshop on Authentic Promotion, we’ll show you how it can be easy, effective and inspiring for everyone involved.  

People often miss the distinction between true, authentic promotion and pushy, manipulative type promotion.  When it’s done well, authentic promotion is fun, painless and exquisite. There’s a sense of ease, lightness and freedom. Leslie Lupinsky, Master Certified Coach, Co Founder of The Business Catalyst Institute and  Senior Faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute, specializes in this area and is known worldwide for her rich authenticity and stunning mastery in enrollment and authentic promotion.

Key Benefits for You:

  • Gain group support and positive feedback that sustains you outside the workshop
  • Know your strengths by seeing your highest self through the eyes of others
  • Be able to create more impactful results in your business
  • Be newly grounded in the true “you”
  • Gain a new ease in speaking with people about your services


  • Before the workshop, I was feeling shy, small and invisible. Now I am confident, aware of my power and willing to use it.  KR
  • In terms of promoting myself, I felt pressure, dreaded it and pretty much avoided it.  Now (since the workshop) it feels easy.  I see how it’s simple, and I discovered a new impactful aspect of myself.  I realize, now, I don’t have to try so hard.  JR
  • Leslie is a shining star and such a model in this area.  I learn so much every time I’m around her.  NS

Two Locations!

             Vancouver Monday, September 25, 10 am – 6 pm

             Los Angeles Monday, November 20, 10 am – 6 pm

Tuition: $250 (USD and CDN)

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She worked with me to achieve my dreams as an entrepreneur and now works with me while I consider what I want next."
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